Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mumgry?
A plant-based snack food company with a variety of offerings including our natural nut butters made with only the good stuff.
Are your Natural nut Butters Vegan & Gluten Free?
Yes, all of our natural nut butters are vegan and gluten free.
How do I store my MUMGRY natural nut butters?
Store in a cool dry space away from direct sunlight or cold temperatures. Room temperature is best.
Do I need to refrigerate my MUMGRY natural nut butters?
Please do not refrigerate before or after opening. If refrigerated the natural oils will harden making it less easy to scoop out. To return your MUMGRY to its original form simply place in room temperature for a while, stir and enjoy.
When does my MUMGRY expire?
1 year from the batch date. Each jar is inscribed with the best before date on the back of each jar.
I see white crystals in my MUMGRY- what are those?
The white dots are a result of the chocolate peanut butter being placed in colder/hotter temperatures. The dots appear from the crystallization from the sugar in the dark chocolate separating. Your MUMGRY is still more than good to eat, simply give it a nice stir and enjoy!
Where can I buy MUMGRY?
Enter your postal code HERE to find a shop nearest you. Not finding anything? Email us the name of the shop you’d like to see us in and we’ll happily reach out to them to see if we can be a part of their store. We can’t wait to meet your community!
Where can I watch the MUMGRY shop tour?
Watch episodes on YouTube or Instagram. Subscribe to our MUMGRY YouTube channel to be the first to see our latest episodes.
Where can I listen to the MUMGRY podcast and may I be a guest?
All MUMGRY Podcast episodes are available on 7 platforms including iTunes and Spotify. Want to be a guest? Send us an email with your show idea and contact.